The mission of the Institute for Future Warfare Studies (IFWS) is to serve as the focal point for the U. S. Naval War College (NWC) actions to support identifying and defining the future warfare trends, and associated roles and missions for the future Navy. The IFWS will contribute to the analysis by thinking about future warfare and the potential impact on the naval services.

IFWS shall conduct and shall facilitate across NWC the conduct of research, and analysis to support the requirements of the Secretary of the Navy, the Chief of Naval Operations, the Combatant Commanders, the Navy component commanders and numbered fleet commanders, and other Navy and Marine Corps commanders. Contributing to NWC mission accomplishment and fostering Navy innovation, IFWS will conduct and facilitate a program of focused, forward- thinking, innovative and timely research and analysis that helps leadership anticipate future strategic and operational challenges for the Navy; generates and assesses strategic and operational approaches to address these challenges; assesses the strategic and operational risk associated with various approaches; provides analytical products that while encompassing long- term views, may also illuminate near- and mid-term program decisions that inform the Navy’s leadership and contribute to key decisions; and contributes meaningfully and effectively to the public discourse regarding U.S. national security and maritime matters.

Deliberations by and exchanges with IFWS will be on a strict "not-for- attribution" basis in order to allow a full and unconstrained exchange of information and ideas during its activities.

In pursuit of IFWS's mission, and to allow the group to consider a full range of perspectives, IFWS is authorized and encouraged to meet with any and all public and private organizations, companies, businesses, academic institutions, and individuals, at all levels in all sectors.

IFWS is seeking collaborative partnerships with other government research centers, civilian academic institutions, businesses, private organizations and individuals. Such partnerships will facilitate cutting-edge research on the future national security environment and future Navy capabilities.

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Professor William G. Glenney, IV
Director, Institute for Future Warfare Studies
Pringle Hall
U. S. Naval War College
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