The Indian Ocean Studies Group focuses on maritime security and security-related issues in the Indian Ocean, both at sea and in the Indian Ocean's surrounding nations. The group is chaired by  Dr. Andrew Winner were named co-chairmen of NWC's Indian Ocean Studies Group on January 5, 2009. As NWC's sixth formed regional studies group, this group studies the Indian Ocean region as a whole, with a maritime focus that crosses U.S. government organizational and traditional land-centric geographic seams. The goal of the work of the study group is to examine issues and areas that may be relatively understudied and bring a uniquely maritime point of view to the region to provide valuable insights to policy makers and analysts in accordance with the educational mission of the Naval War College.


The IOSG serves as the War College's principal forum for addressing a full range of Indian Ocean strategy and policy issues. The study group’s activities include group meetings; sponsorship of a visiting speaker's program; dissemination of research in progress and publication of final research results; workshops and conferences.


Contact Information


Andrew C. Winner, Ph.D.
Strategic & Operational Research Department
Tel: 401-841-7805
Fax: 401-841-4161
Email: andrew.winner@usnwc.edu

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