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     Our Mission

Educate leaders and inform U.S. policy and military strategy in the Arctic region.

About Us

Recognizing the maritime implications of the changing Arctic region, the Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island created the Arctic Regional Studies Group (ASG) in August 2013. The ASG consists of faculty and students at the Naval War College with expertise, experience, or interest in regional maritime affairs, and U.S. policy and military strategy in the Arctic region.

ASG acts as a catalyst and coordinator of research to serve the needs of the Navy, the Department of Defense, and other elements of the U.S. Government responsible for formulating policy, strategy, and planning related to the Arctic. The ASG was created with the goal of helping our students and the Navy better understand, prepare for, and adapt to future operational and strategic challenges and opportunities in the Arctic region.

The opening of the Arctic will place new demands on the Navy to maintain presence and capabilities to operate in the austere Arctic environment. ASG provides the Chief of Naval Operations and Fleet and Component Commanders with a consistent pool of talent and knowledge to leverage when thinking about future maritime strategy and force structure in the Arctic region.

ASG also hosts guest speakers and organizes periodic seminars for members to report on research in progress. The group also performs an important outreach function for the college by facilitating faculty participation in major conferences and research activities in the Arctic region and in the United States.

Finally, ASG performs a coordinating function with the electives program on emerging course offerings on the region, including the first Arctic Security elective offered in Spring 2014. 

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