There are two resident programs for international officers, the Naval Command College (NCC) and Naval Staff College (NSC) and the International Maritime Staff Operators Course (I-MSOC), commencing January 2018.  

NCC is for senior officers who are integrated into academic work with their U.S. counterparts.

NSC is for intermediate-level officers who are integrated with their U.S. counterparts in a similar manner to the NCC program.

I-MSOC is a twelve week course jointly designed by the United States Naval War College (USNWC) International Programs and the College of Operational and Strategic Leadership, to provide international naval officers the skills needed to support the planning and execution of maritime operations and integrate with existing operational planning teams. Designed to meet the learning needs of O3-O5 (NATO OF-2 to OF-4) maritime officers with an English Comprehension Level (ECL) of 80, the course uses the US Navy Maritime Operations Center (MOC) as an organizing concept, and is informed by NATO, UN joint and US Naval doctrine, with a special emphasis on the US Navy Planning Process as described in Naval Warfare Publication 5-01.

Officers in all courses benefit from a robust “Field Studies Program”  that involves travel to illustrate how the United States functions in all respects including democratic ideals of elected government, internationally recognized human rights, free enterprise, judicial system, industry, diversity of society, press, political parties and interest groups, media and civil-military relations. 

NCC,NSC, and I-MSOC provide a superb forum to build trust, confidence and foster enduring professional and personal friendships. Alumni from more than 129 nations interact daily to resolve crises peacefully, when possible, and they work together as a coalition team should matters dictate. International Programs alumni and key U.S. Navy leaders often collaborate to share ideas.

International Programs:  Value Today and in the Future 

International programs at NWC directly support developing robust global maritime partnerships. We emphasize the “Newport Connection” to enhance trust, confidence and promote cooperation among partner nations. World events confirm the value of developing and maintaining such friendships. 

Admiral Arleigh A. Burke, who provided the vision for International Programs in 1956, was clearly a visionary in his understanding of the value of maritime engagement. The global security environment presents an increasingly complex set of challenges and opportunities.  Today, the Defense Strategic Guidance (PDF) states:

"The United States will continue to lead global efforts with capable allies and partners to assure access to and use of the global commons, both by strengthening international norms of responsible behavior and by maintaining relevant and interoperable military capabilities."

Each year we bring 100 to 150 foreign officers to the U.S. from around the world. They study strategy, warfare, decision making and operational art. Equally important, they learn how the United States works as a country through the field studies program. Each officer is greatly influenced by what they see and learn in the U.S. Each one forms strong bonds with their U.S. and international classmates. They maintain these professional and fraternal ties, remaining in contact for the rest of their lives.

After graduation, NWC continues to strengthen friendship and cooperation by sponsoring periodic alumni regional symposia to further promote multilateral relationships, cooperation and exchange of ideas and to give Navy regional commanders a unique opportunity to meet and collaborate with these distinguished military leaders.
International Programs publishes alumni newsletters and professional writing which rounds out a robust engagement program designed to further develop the professional relationships formed in Newport to enhance trust and confidence and promote continuing cooperation. International programs provide an unmatched forum to bring future leaders to the United States to exchange ideas and opinions. These programs offer a unique opportunity to allow American and international officers to study together and learn from each other.

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