In 1981, almost a century after Stephen B. Luce founded the Naval War College as "a place of original research on all questions relating to war and to statesmanship connected with war, or the prevention of war," the Center for Naval Warfare Studies was established within the College as a nexus for broadly based, advanced research on the naval contribution to a national strategy. Working in close conjunction with the teaching departments, this revitalized research arm of the College has thus fulfilled Luce's vision of the institution as a center of both scholarship and original research--an academic establishment which would serve as the home of theory and in-depth thinking for the naval profession in the United States.

The Center directly complements the curriculum at the Naval War College by providing a place for researching important professional issues which, in turn, inform and stimulate the faculty and students in the classroom. Moreover, from its very beginning, the Center has linked the Naval War College to the fleet and policymakers in Washington by serving as a focal point, stimulus, and major source of strategic and campaign thought, by integrating strategic, campaign, and tactical concepts, by linking strategic concerns with technological developments, and finally, by testing and evaluating concepts through war gaming.

Our Organization

The Dean of Naval Warfare Studies oversees the efforts of a full-time, government-funded research staff organized into six departments within the Center: 

Research Plan

The Center has released our Research Plan, Almanac and Yearbook for 2017-2018.  Please feel free to review our Plan and submit any suggestions you may have to the Deputy, CNWS.  To quote the Dean’s message in the Research Plan:

“We look forward to improving this yearbook/almanac with each year’s publication, and hope that this effort increases our level of communication and strengthens the naval enterprise’s understanding of the Naval War College (NWC) and CNWS. We welcome any suggestions or ideas on how to make this document more relevant, clearer, or more user-friendly.”

To view the entire Research Plan, click HERE


Contact Us

TELEPHONE: 401-841-3332
DSN: 841-3332
FAX: 401-841-3579
ADDRESS: Center for Naval Warfare Studies
U.S. Naval War College
686 Cushing Road
Newport, Rhode Island 02841

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