Welcome to The Writing Center at U.S. Naval War College!

We are pleased to offer writing support services to Naval War College (NWC) students, faculty and staff. These services include one-on-one writing instruction and routine workshops on a variety of writing related topics. The Writing Center provides direct support for students at any stage of the writing process, for students of all levels of writing ability and experience, and for any type of writing assigned across the curriculum at NWC. Moreover, The Writing Center is invested in helping students cultivate expertise in other areas of effective learning and communication, including critical reading, public speaking and active listening. The Writing Center is not an editing or proofreading service; rather, the goal of individual and group writing consultations is to equip students to identify and address weaknesses in their writing on their own by placing their written work at the center of rigorous conversation, a conversation in which students are expected to play an active part. In addition to services geared toward students, The Writing Center is equally committed to providing pedagogical support for faculty seeking guidance on matters related to the teaching of writing at NWC. Recognizing that writing is the vehicle to learning, The Writing Center seeks to provide a welcoming and engaging venue for the ongoing development of effective writing and communication skills and to foster a dynamic culture of academic writing and research at NWC. We look forward to working with you.

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Location, Hours & Contact Information

The Writing Center at U.S. Naval War College
Hewitt Learning Commons, Rooms 130/131
686 Cushing Road -- Newport, RI 02841

Hours: Monday-Friday, 0900-1700
Email: writing.center@usnwc.edu

The Writing Center Staff

´╗┐Dr. Kristin Mulready-Stone
Director´╗┐, The Writing Center
(401) 841-6499
Dr. Kevin P. Eubanks
Faculty, The Writing Center
(401) 841-4775

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