The core course work for the senior and intermediate resident programs consists of three trimesters of study, plus three electives, one per each trimester. The senior course consists of three equal trimesters of about thirteen weeks each. The intermediate course has one longer trimester of seventeen weeks for the study of joint maritime operations and two other eleven week trimesters.

NWC develops the three core courses as independent courses of study to accommodate the senior level College of Naval Warfare’s unique system of matriculating and graduating students in November, March, and June. The intermediate level College of Naval Command and Staff graduates students in October, February, and June. While the courses are clearly interrelated, they are developed and delivered as independent courses.

A speaker program and professional conferences complete the College’s academic requirements.

International officers join with the U.S, students for the entire academic year. The structuring of the course work permits one faculty, in one facility, to teach both senior and intermediate students, an effective and efficient use of resources.

Additionally, three abbreviated 12-day core curriculum courses are offered annually for U.S. military reservists.
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