Course Description:

The Maritime Staff Operators Course (MSOC) is the first course in series of three Professional Military Education courses. MSOC prepares officers and senior enlisted personnel to effectively serve in operational staff assignments in Maritime Operations Centers (MOC), or represent maritime planning efforts while serving in other Service/Joint/Combined liaison billets. Officers receive an AQD upon completing the course and enlisted personnel (E-7 and above) receive an NEC (9596). The course builds on fundamentals and culminates with practical planning and execution application using a complex, fictitious case study, including a 4 1/2 day Battle Lab experience.

Course Objectives:

The course will better enable you to:

  1. Assume the duties as a staff member in a Numbered Fleet- Maritime Operations Center (MOC) staff.
  2. Effectively support the commander’s decision cycle, in both planning and execution of joint/coalition/multinational operations.
  3. Capable of exercising and synchronizing operational-level functions: command and control (C2), intelligence, sustainment, movement and maneuver, fires, and protection;
  4. Competent in the maritime dimensions of warfare including the full range of naval capabilities, maritime C2, and operational warfare at sea;
  5. Capable of managing the flow of information within a staff and among subordinate commands or activities, adjacent components, and higher headquarters staffs while working within a collaborative information environment;
  6. Able to operate within a battle rhythm and participate effectively in any MOC board, bureau, center, cell or working group (B2C2WG); and apply appropriate control measures to direct subordinate tactical forces. 

JPME Credit
MSOC graduates after 01 July 2012 receive credit for Blocks 4 and 5 of the NWC College of Distance Education's (CDE) Web-enabled or CDROM-based JMO course; once graduates have successfully completed CDE JMO Blocks 1, 2, and 3, they have completed CDE JMO.
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