Who can attend the Naval War College?
Mid-grade and senior military officers from all branches of the armed services, as well as civilian government officials, are selected to attend the Naval War College. In addition, naval officers from over 100 countries are invited to attend one of the two international programs at the Naval War College.
How can I contact a student at the Naval War College?
The best way to contact a student at the Naval War College is to call the Dean of Students Office at 401-841-2303. They will leave a message for the student.
How can I contact a War College staff/faculty member?
To contact a member of the staff, you can call the Naval War College Quarterdeck at 401-841-1310 or if you know their department, try searching on their respective web page.
Can I visit the Naval War College Museum?
The Naval War College Museum is free and open to the public, however reservations are required and photo ID must be presented for all visitors 18 years old and over and not in possession of a military identification card. To make a reservation please call 401-841-4052 or 401-841-2101 by 3:00 pm the day before the event. The museum is accessible to visitors through Gate 1 of the Newport Naval Station.

How can I obtain an academic transcript?
In accordance with the Federal Privacy Act of 1974, requests for transcripts must be made in writing or via Fax. They may not be requested by phone. To request a transcript, please refer to the Registrar web page.
Am I eligible to attend off-campus seminars?
For eligibility and information about the College of Distance Education (CDE) please call 401-841-2135.
Whom should I contact to use Naval War College facilities?
For information on using Naval War College facilities for your event, please contact the Event and Visitor Coordination Department at 401-841-4527.
How can I attend the Evening Lecture Series?
The evening lectures are "by invitation only" and are not open to the general public. For information or to be included on the invitation mailing list, please contact the Event and Visitor Coordination Department at 401-841-4527 or email eveninglecture@usnwc.edu.
Are there civilian job openings at the Naval War College?
For a list of current job openings at the Naval War College, please visit the Human Resources web page.
Does the Naval War College have someone that can speak at my event?
To request a speaker, please send an e-mail and provide as much information as possible regarding the event to: pao@usnwc.edu.
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