Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

The Freedom of Information Act, also called FOIA, is 5 United States Code Section 552.

This act allows for public access to releasable records from the Naval War College. To access the official Department of Defense FOIA handbook (PDF), visit

FOIA requesters who have any questions concerning the processing of their requests with Naval War College should contact the Naval War College’s FOIA Coordinator, the Naval War College Staff Judge Advocate, at (401) 841-2279 or via electronic mail at If you are not satisfied with the response from the FOIA Coordinator, you may contact the DON FOIA Public Liaison, Robin Patterson, at (202) 685-0412 or

Requests can also be mailed or faxed to:

President, Naval War College
Attn: FOIA Coordinator (Code 002)
686 Cushing Road
Newport, RI 02841-1207

Fax: (401) 841-7909

The records that may be requested from the Naval War College include, but are not limited to,
Naval War College Press products, the International Law Department Blue Book, academic products, course products, and conference products.

The Naval War College's missions today are to educate and develop leaders, support defining the future Navy and associated roles and missions, support combat readiness, and strengthen global maritime partnerships. Each year, approximately 600 outstanding mid-career level officers of the Navy, other U.S. services, civilian federal agencies, and international naval officers come to the U.S. Naval War College as resident students to pursue a rigorous 10-month course of postgraduate studies.

To access the Naval War College FOIA Electronic Reading Room, visit the publication pages listed below:

To access the Naval War College Annual FOIA Reports, download the PDFs listed on the right.

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