The U.S. Naval War College is an educational institution within the Department of the Navy. The President of the Naval War College is accountable directly to the Chief of Naval Operations, who establishes the College's mission, provides general guidelines and appropriated funds for its operation, and selects the president of the Naval War College.

The college President, a U.S. Navy unrestricted line officer normally in the grade of rear admiral, exercises direct authority over all of the College's academic and operational activities and is assisted by a Deputy/Chief of Staff.

The Provost is the College’s Chief Operating Officer and is responsible for administering the college's academic and research programs through an organization composed of the Dean of Academics, who directs and coordinates all academic programs and departments; the Dean of Naval Warfare Studies, who directs and coordinates the College's major research and war gaming efforts; the Dean of the College of Operational and Strategic Leadership, responsible for operational-level programs; the Dean for International Programs, including the two colleges for international officers, the Naval Command College and the Naval Staff College; the Dean of Students, who is responsible for all student matters connected with both the College of Naval Warfare and the College of Naval Command & Staff; and the Director of the College of Distance Education.  The Senior Enlisted Academy is aligned with the Naval War College, and its director also serves as the college's command master chief.

Rear Adm. Jeffrey A. Harley

Command Master Chief

CMDCM Craig Cole 
Lewis M. Duncan
Vice President/Chief of Staff
C‚Äčapt. Tamara Graham
Dean of Academic Affairs
Phil M. Haun
Associate Provost
James "Jay" Hickey
Dean of Naval Warfare Studies
Tom Culora
Dean of the College of Operational and Strategic Leadership
Jamie Kelly
Dean for International Programs
Thomas Mangold
Dean of Students (U.S. resident students)
Capt. Pat Keyes

Director of Institutional Effectiveness
Edward Gillen
Dean of the College of Distance Education
Leonard Wildemann
Director of the Senior Enlisted Academy
CMDCM(AW/IDW/SS/SW) Richard G. Curtis Jr.

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